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Title Postponement of 30th EAIC in Seoul from Aug 30, 2020 to 2022
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Dear Colleagues,

Postponement of 30th EAIC in Seoul from Aug 30, 2020 to 2022

In the face of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the international community has been implementing various control measures to overcome this difficult time. This has introduced many resolutions and decisions including the cancellation and postponement of many international events. It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the cancellation and postponement of the 30th EAIC in Seoul from August 2020 to 2022.

We endeavored to proceed with the planned schedule considering the long tradition of this biennial congress since 1962, as well as the great volume of interest and support we have received from the global insurance industry. However, after careful discussion with our 30th EAIC board and their approval, it became clear that it is in our best interest to postpone the event to 2022 and support the global efforts to fight this health pandemic. Your safety is the highest priority for us, and we believe you will fully understand this decision.

As you may be aware, a great progress has been made for the preparation of EAIC 2020, thanks to our sponsors, speakers and registered participants. We understand that there will be a lot of questions and concerns to be addressed. An FAQ has been prepared and we will return to you individually regarding the refund process as soon as we are able. Once again, your patience will be very much appreciated as we navigate through this complex situation.

Although it was a tough decision to clean the slate considering the financial, administrative and human resources invested so far, we remain optimistic for EAIC 2022 with the strong support we witnessed for this year’s schedule. We want to thank you for your assistance so far and request your continued encouragement. As the saying goes, after a storm comes a calm; we will improve on our experience and offer more fruitful and interesting content for 2022.

We look forward to engaging with you for 30th EAIC 2022. Please stay safe and be well.

Let’s get through this disruption together.

Yours sincerely,

The Seoul Organizing Committee (SOC) for the 30th East Asian Insurance Congress



1. Why did SOC decide to cancel 30th EAIC 2020 Seoul?

Korea has been widely praised and recognized for its management of the outbreak. However, as the spread and severity vary in different regions of the world, it is difficult to determine how long the restrictions and mandatory quarantine for travelers may last. There is also the possibility of more contagion at large-scale gatherings such as EAIC which is a concern. Hence, in order to keep with the control measures taken around the world and to ensure the health and safety of our attendees, the SOC decided to cancel and postpone 30th EAIC 2020 Seoul to 2022.


2. Why did it take so long for 2020 30th EAIC Seoul to cancel?

Since its inception in 1962, the EAIC has never been canceled or postponed. Considering this history, we explored every viable option to make the Seoul event possible. The preparation for this year was approximately 80% completed, and it required some time to assess the situation and carefully analyze the scenarios. We apologize for any inconveniences and appreciate your patience.


3. What should I do about my flight/hotel reservation or registration?

If you have arranged any flight and hotel reservation, please contact your airlines and hotels directly to proceed with the cancellation process. For those who have booked at our main hotel, InterContinental Seoul COEX, your reservation will be cancelled with no cancellation fees.

The registration costs will be refunded to you in full amount, and you will receive a separate notice about this schedule as well.


4. Will my speaking session for 30th EAIC 2020 Seoul carry over to 2022?

Unfortunately, speaking sessions will not be carried over to 2022 as our sessions will be revamped reflecting appropriate trends and updates. We will contact you individually once we confirm the topics and programs for 2022. Any input regarding our discussion topics or event organization are welcome. Please feel free to share them with us at any time.


5. What should I do about my sponsorship?

All sponsorships will be canceled, and you will receive documentation about this cancellation. For those whose sponsorship transfers were completed, your funds will be returned in full. You will receive a separate notice with details about this schedule as well.


6. Will my sponsorship for 30th EAIC 2020 Seoul carry over to 2022?

We would like to express our genuine gratitude for the sponsorship of EAIC 2020. We understand that it may be difficult to commit for 30th EAIC 2022 at this moment, but it will be a great privilege for us to have you as a sponsor again for 2022. Lets be in touch, and once again, thank you for your support for the 30th EAIC Seoul.


7. Where can I submit questions not addressed in this FAQ?

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